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                          Heavy Steel Plate Mill Lines Brief Introduction

                          Founded in 1970, Our mill is the first producer capable of manufacturing wide and heavy steel plate of most complete product mix, widest specification range, highest product quality, most extensive application scope in China with 13.2 billion yuan total assets and more than 10,000 employees. The 4200mm plate mill in Our mill is the earliest extra wide and heavy plate mill of China. Our mill has over 30 years' experience and accumulated technology on wide and heavy steel plate production, establishing its unique and important position in China's wide and heavy steel plate industry.

                          Our mill possesses one 4100m and one 4200mm wide and heavy steel plate mill lines, consisting of four UHP EAFs, one 120 t BOFs, eleven secondary refining and vacuum degassing units, nine massive ingot casting lines, one 300mmx1900mm slab continuous caster, two 300mmx2500mm slab continuous casters, one 4100mm twin stand plate mill and one 4200mm plate mill, with most complete steel plate heat treatment facilities , testing devices for scientific research and state level physical and chemical testing center.

                          Among products of 12 category series, more than 400 steel grades produced by Our mill, more than 200 steel grades have been produced as import substitutes or according to foreign standards, more than 30 steel grades have been exported to many developed countries and regions such as USA, Germany and Japan etc. Our mill is also the drafting unit of five national standards of steel plate for building structure, crude oil and natural gas transmission pipe line and through thickness properties steel plate. In Oct.of 2010, the company was awarded the top prize of China Quality Management- National Quality Prize.

                          Process Flow

                          Blast Furnace Smelting→EAF(BOF)Melting→LF and VD Secondary Refining→Continuous Casting(mould casting)→ESR→Controlled Rolling and Controlled Cooling→Heat Treatment→Finishing

                          1. Process Flow Chart

                          2. Heavy Plate Production Flow Route

                          Three extra heavy plate production and process routes

                          designed for different demands.

                          3. Capacity of Technological Installation

                          (1) Ingot,continuous cast slab and steel plate production line of domestic largest specification

                          Max.single piece weight of Ingot: 50T, max.single piece weight of plate:38T.

                          Application of dynamic soft reduction and EMC

                          Max.section size of slab: 330×2500mm

                          Product dimension:

                          thickness range : 6-650mm (700mm some up to 700mm)
                          width range: 1150-4020mm
                          length range: 3000-27000mm


                          (2) Complete Secondary Refining Devices

                          Seven 100 t LFs, five VDs and VODs

                          Secondary refining rate of molten steel:100%

                          Vacuum degassing rate:95%,high steel cleanliness

                          Low residual content:

                          P≤0.010%  S≤0.003%  N≤80ppm
                          O≤20ppm   H≤2ppm

                          (3) Advanced Rolling Equipment and Control Technologies

                          (AGC) Hydraulic AGC  
                          On-line Process Model Automatic Control
                          Hydraulic Bending and Work Roll Axial shifting function
                          Max.rolling load up to 86000 KN, a powerful rolling mill
                          Accurate accelerated cooling capacity with DQ function
                          4 Level Computer Control System

                          (4) Most Complete Heat Treatment Facilities for Extra Heavy Plate at Home

                          Ensure microstructure homogeneity, grain refinement and excellent properties of steel plate

                          Including Normalizing furnace, quenching furnace, offline furnace, car bottom furnace, tempering furnace, slow cooling pit

                          Quenching, tempering, normalizing and annealing functions 

                          Annual Heat Treatment Capacity ≥1 million tons 

                          Heat treatment size:

                          8-650mm  Thickness
                          1200-4020mm Width
                          3000-18000mm Length

                          (5) Advanced Slab ESR Furnace of Max. Single Piece Weight at home
                          Our mill possesses 3 slab ESR furnaces, being the one with largest capacity and max.thickness slab, max.single piece weight of slab up to 50 t , max.single piece weight of plate up to 38 t, max.thickness of ESR slab 960 mm, providing ensurence to the assurance of large thickness Z direction steel plate and extra heavy steel plate.

                          UHP EAF

                          Two 100 t LFs and two 90 t LFs, annual steel output :5 million tons.

                          100T VD 

                          Three twin stand VDs with CCTV to monitor the entire degassing process of molten steel.

                          Large Slab Continuous Caster

                          Three large thickness slab continuous casters lines in total of 90t and 100 t capacities respectively. The slab size is 200/250/300/330×1300-2500mm, The largest cross section is 330×2500mm. All the casters apply various techniques such as straight mould, automatic mould level control, small vibration magnitude, high frequency, EMS, soft reduction, multi-point bending, multi-point straightening.

                          Massive Ingot Casting Line

                          Twelve ingot casting lines:the flat ingot types include 11.4t,13.5(15.3)t,20(23)t,28(31)t,35 t,40 t,45 t,50 t; max.single piece weight of taper type ingot is 80 t,which can be rolled into finish plate of 60t single piece weight.

                          50t Slab ESR Furnace

                          Integrating the state of art process technologies of low frequency power supply, dual pole serial connection and elevated mould, various steel grade ESR ingot of three thickness including 640mm,760mm and 960mm have been successfully developed. The steel is clean and microstructure is homogenous and refined.

                          Soaking Pits

                          Sixteen soaking pits, max.charging weight of a single pit is 160t

                          Continuous Reheating Furnace

                          The slab yard of the new production line is adjacent to the continuous caster and directly receives incoming slabs from the caster via interconnecting roller table. Various operations including secondary flame cutting, surface scarfing, on-line weighing, width and length measuring of slabs can be performed in the slab yard.

                          4200mm Plate Mill

                          Max.rolling force: 4200 t, thickness range of steel plate,max.width:4020mm Named as "the Merit Plate Mill" by China Iron and Steel Industry Association.

                          4100mm Plate Mill

                          Max. permissible rolling force:86000KN,rolling speed: 0/3.2~7.91m•s-1; mill opening : 400mm; thickness range of steel plate:6~150mm,width range: 1150~3700mm, length range:3000~18000mm,max.single piece weight of steel plate: 19.7t.

                          Vertical Edger

                          Max.rolling force: 5000KN,max.edging draft:50mm. Location: adjacent to the finishing mill stand; The edger is equipped with hydraulic AWC system functioning head and tail short stroke control to effectively improve the rectangularity of steel plate.

                          MULPIC Accelerated Cooling Device

                          Entire length of cooling zones:24300mm, cooling rate: max.40 ℃/s for 20mm thickness plate, max.and min. flow ratio: 20:1, functions: accelerated cooling + DQ

                          Normalizing Furnace

                          Five roller hearth normalizing furnace lines, plate thickness range:6~120mm, length range: 3~18m,functions: normalizing and tempering

                          Quenching Machine

                          The two quenching and tempering lines are all imported from German LOI. Old line: length of austenitizing furnace 36m, length of quenching machine 26m, thickness of quenching plate:8~100mm,length of quenching plate:4~16m; new line: length of austenitizing furnace 65m, length of quenching machine 23m, thickness of quenching plate:6~150mm,max.length of quenching plate:18m

                          Hydraulic Flattening Machine

                          The heat treatment line is equipped with a flattening machine of 50MN nominal capacity. The max. temperature of steel plate is 400℃. For a steel plate with initial average unflatness ranging from 0 to 20mm, the unflatness of steel plate after straightening can be ensured to be less than or equal to 2mm , which improves the flatness of steel plate.

                          Nine Roller Hot Leveler

                          The nine roller hot leveler adopts full hydraulic roll gap adjustment with max.leveling force 32000KN, calculates all parameters by model, implements accurate setups and controls, which is designed as odd pass leveling and even pass reversing.

                          Finishing Line

                          Mainly equipped with walking beam cooling beds of 4160m2(89m long×52m wide).The steel plate of thickness <80mm shall be transferred to turn-over device for surface inspection and grinding from cooling beds.The steel plate of thickness > 80mm shall be transferred to thick plate handling zone from cooling beds.

                          The finishing line consists of automatic ultrasonic flaw detection device, crop shear, double side trimming shear, dividing shear, sample shear, marking machine, finished product size measuring gauge, cold leveler. The Rolling cut shear with automatic knife gap adjustment and automatic top and bottom blade removal functions designed by SVAI is equipped with laser aligning device and magnetic centering device.

                          One 11 roller cold leveler locates at the end of the finishing line with a leveling thickness range of 5-35mm and max. leveling force up to 27500KN. The servo hydraulic system allows rapid adjustment response at all leveling stages. A scale dedusting system is also designed to ensure the surface quality of leveled plate.

                          Flaw Detection Device of Steel Plate

                          Two sets of on-line flaw detection devices for the flaw detection of steel plate on the production line,s with advantages of high production efficiency, short detection cycle and high detection accuracy.

                          Product Mix

                          12 product category series and more than 300 steel grades can be supplied by Our mill.

                          (1)  Boiler and pressure vessel steel plate  
                          (2)  Low alloy high strength steel plate
                          (3)  Bridge structural steel plate
                          (4)  High rise building structural steel plate
                          (5)  Wear resistant steel plate
                          (6)  Alloy structural steel plate
                          (7)  Mould and Abrasion resistant steel plate
                          (8)  Carbon structrual steel plate
                          (9)  Shipbuilding and offshore oil platform steel plate
                          (10) Clad steel plate
                          (11) High strength and toughness steel plate 
                          (12) Crude oil and natural gas transmission pipeline steel plate

                          1. Boiler and pressure vessel steel plate 

                          Boiler and pressure vessel plate

                          Q245R, Q370R, 18MnMoNbR, 13MnNiMoR, Q345R, 15CrMoR, 14Cr1MoR, 12Cr2Mo1R, 12Cr1MoVR




                          16MnDR, 09MnNiDR, 15MnNiDR



                          JIS G3103


                          JIS G3115


                          JIS G3118


                          JIS G3119


                          JIS G3124


                          DIN 17155



                          A202 Grade(A,B), A203 Grade(A,B,C,D,E,F), A204 Grade(A,B,C)


                          A285 Grade(A,B,C), A289 Grade(A,B,C), A299 Grade(A,B), A302 Grade(A,B,C,D)

                          A387 Grade 5 Class(1,2), A387 Grade 11 Class(1,2), A387 Grade 12 Class(1,2), A387 Grade 22 Class(1,2)

                          A515 (60,65,70), A516 (55,60,65)

                          A517(A,B,E,H,P,O), A533(A,B,C)

                          A537 Class(1,2,3)
                          A612M, A662 Grade (A,B,C)
                          A841 Grade (A,B,C,D,E,F)




                          P275(NH,NL1,NL2),P355(N, NH,NL1,NL2),

                          P460(NH, NL1,NL2)

                          P355M, P355ML1, P355ML2, P420M, P420ML1, P420ML2, P460M, P460ML1, P460ML2 EN10028-5
                          P355Q, P355QH, P355QL1, P355QL2, P460Q, P460QH, P460QL1, P460QL2, P500Q, P500QH, P500QL1, P500QL2, P690Q, P690QH, P690QL1, P690QL2 EN10028-6


                          NF A36-205


                          (Special technical specification)



                          2.25Cr1Mo, 1Cr0.5Mo, 2.25Cr1Mo0.25V, 1.25Cr0.5MoSi, 1.25Cr0.5Mo

                          Cr-Mo steel under hydrogen condition

                          2. Quenched and tempered type high strength steel plate

                          Quenched and tempered type

                          high strength steel plate

                          Q460(C, D, E)-Q960(C ,D ,E)
                          S460Q-S960Q, S460QL-S960QL, S460QL -S890QL1
                          E420(DD, E),E460(D, E),E500(D, E),E550(D, E), E620(D, E),E690(D, E)
                          WQ590(D, E)-WQ960(D, E)
                          WH80Q, WH785E, WH100Q, WQ1100E, 1E1839, 1E0653, 1E0682

                          (Special technical specification)

                          3. Bridge structural steel plate

                          Bridge structural steel p late

                          A709M(Gr36, 50, 50W, 70W, HPS50W, HPS70W)

                          (Special technical specification)

                          4. Building structural steel plate

                          Building structural steel plate

                          ASTM A514/A514M

                          A514Grade A

                          A514Grade B

                          A514Grade C

                          A514Grade E

                          A514Grade F

                          A514Grade H

                          A514Grade J

                          A514Grade K

                          A514Grade M

                          A514Grade P

                          A514Grade Q

                          A514Grade R

                          A514Grade S

                          A514Grade T



                          ASTM A572/A572M

                          A572Grade 42

                          A572Grade 50

                          A572Grade 55

                          A572Grade 60

                          A572Grade 65




                          ASTM A573/A573M

                          A573Grade 58

                          A573Grade 65

                          A573Grade 70


                          ASME SA514/SA514M

                          SA514Grade A

                          SA514Grade B

                          SA514Grade C

                          SA514Grade E

                          SA514Grade M

                          SA514Grade P

                          SA514Grade Q

                          SA514Grade R

                          SA514Grade S

                          SA514Grade T



                          ASME SA572/SA572M

                          SA572Grade 42

                          SA572Grade 50

                          SA572Grade 55

                          SA572Grade 60


                          SA572Grade 65




                          ASME SA573/SA573M

                          SA573Grade 58

                          SA573Grade 65

                          SA573Grade 70


                          5. Mould and Abrasion resistant steel plate

                          Mould steel plate

                          S45C, S55C
                          SM45-SM55, SM3Cr2Mo, SM3Cr2Ni1Mo
                          2711, 2738, P20, 618, 718, P80, 638, AISI4140, DIMO42H
                          45-55, 50Mn-65Mn, WSM136B, 75Cr1, WSM30B, WSM35B, WSM2312B

                          JIS G4051
                          (Special technical specification)

                          Wear resistant steel plate

                          NM300, NM360, NM400, NM450, NM500



                          (Special technical specification)

                          HARDOX400, HARDOX450, HARDOX500


                          XAR400, XAR450, XAR500


                          RAEX400, RAEX450, RAEX500


                          6. Crude oil and natural gas transmission steel plate

                          Crude oil and natural gas transmission steel

                          X42-X80, WFHY485, WFHY510, WFHY415, WFHY450, X80(ST)
                          X65MO, X70MO

                          (Special technical specification)

                          Grade A (L210), Grade B (L245), API 5L X42 (L290), API 5L X46 (L320), API 5L X52 (L360), API 5L X56 (L390), API 5L X60 (L415), API 5L X65 (L450), API 5L X70 (L485)

                          API Spec 5L PSL1

                          Grade B (L245), X42 (L290), X46 (L320), X52 (L360), X56 (L390), X60 (L415), X65 (L450), X70 (L485), X80 (L555)

                          API Spec 5L PSL2

                          Typical References

                          Building structural steel plate

                          110mm thickness Q460E/Z35 plate developed for national stadium Bird Nest of Beijing Olympic Games is the first creation world-wide for the same application.

                          Hydrogenation of Cr-Mo steel plate

                          The developed Cr-Mo plate under hydrogen environment have been applied for various oil refining facilities of petrochemical industry including Jiujiang Petrochemical Plant,Changling Petrochemical Plant and coal to oil projects including Ningmei and Luan.

                          Cr-Mo plate under hydrogen environment over 100mm thickness are solely supplied by Our mill at home, with a market share over 85%.

                          Nuclear Island Class Steel Plate

                          The developed 16MND5, 18MND5, SA533 steel plate of nuclear island class according to French and American Quality Assurance System  with  max.thickness 178mm, max.single piece 37 t  stand on the top at home, and have been applied for various nuclear power plant projects at home.

                          Heavy Plant Steel Plate

                          390mm thickness 20MnNiMo steel plate developed for 80,000 t die forging press  as key equipment of Large Aeroplane Project is used to substitute imports.

                          High strength steel plate

                          Our mill developed quenched and tempered type wear resistant steel WNM500A has been applied to manufacture the high end state of art grinding plant- φ7.93×13.6m overflow type ball mill.

                          Giant Lanjing 7500 t Offshore Crane manufactured by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co.Ltd.

                          Bridge Structural Steel Plate

                          Shanghai Lupu Bridge: 18000 t steel plate used to fabricate the arched girder  are supplied by Our mill.

                          Zhengzhou Huanghe Highway and Railway Bridge: 45 000 t steel plate used to build the world longest highway and railway bridge are supplied by Our mill.

                          Runyang Yangtze River Bridge: 12000 t steel plate used to build the cable-suspension highway bridge with1490 m long main span are supplied by Our mill.

                          53000 t steel plate used to build San Francisco New Bay Bridge –the landmark building in west coast area of USA are supplied by Our mill.

                          Hydropower steel plate

                          The developed 300mm thickness steel plate with Z-direction properties for hydropower plant have been certified by the State Council Three Gorges Project Construction Committee that all the properties are equivalent to those of foreign products and can be used for manufacture of 700 MW class large water turbo generator units. 

                          Our mill is the only enterprise capable of producing steel plate of such thickness at home.

                          Offshore engineering steel plate

                          The developed 152.4mm~215mm thickness gear rack steel plate for deep sea offshore platform have passed the certification from ABS, DNV and GL as substitute of imports, forcing the import price declined by nearly 50%. The 215mm thickness plate for manufacturing gear rack of deep sea offshore shore platform is the only one passed the certification of classification societies at home

                          Pipeline Steel Plate

                          Our mill's pipeline steel plate have been used in West to East Natural Gas Transmission Project and Natural Gas Transmission Project from Sichuan to East China in large quantity. 26000 t X70 wide plate are used in the above second project, which breaking the monopoly of Japanese and Korean steel works on the market of steel plate for large diameter straight beam welded pipe.

                          Construction site of West to East Natural Gas Transmission Project main pipeline.

                          Shanghai Terminal Station

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